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Safety Tips - Children

Don't take safety for granted.
Your well-being is your sole responsibility. Keep your eyes open and look out for yourself. While you're at it, open the eyes of others you know by sharing these potentially life-saving safety and security tips with them. In doing so, you just might prevent your friends, family members from becoming the next crime victim.
Security and safety for children

Security and safety for children
Encourage a "safety first" mentality in your children.
It's not enough these days to rely on only yourself to keep your children safe. The more you teach your children about the potential dangers in the world and how to stay safe, the better they can protect themselves. Give them plenty of practical security tips.
Never, Never and Never ! But why? and what if?
There are more than “101 Never do” rules for children, but as responsible parents, you also have the duty to teach the children why an action is wrong and what is the alternative ways to deal with it. This not only makes the children wiser, but also save them from many dangers.
Make sure your children have a way to see who's on the other side of the door without opening it.
In addition to teaching your children "why" and "how" to look to see who's at the door before opening it, it's just as important they follow the golden rule: NEVER OPEN THE DOOR TO A STRANGER!
What to do if you cannot find me?
Along with the A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s teach your children to memories either or both of the parents names and telephone numbers. Take your kids to the shopping mall or crowded place and show them how to seek for help when they are lost. Teach them they should only seek help from police man, security personals, shop cashiers, older people, and parents with kids. Teach them to throw tantrum and scream for help as loud as possible if stranger grab them and walk away.
Be safe than sorry, were identity wrist or ankle band.
Reusable identity bands can be bought from most baby things retailers. Write a contact name and phone number in the band and were it on your kids before take them out to a public, crowded place.