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IEC 60335-2-76
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Electric fence - Safety sign board
We take security and safety very seriously. Our equipments are designed and manufactured with highest quality standards and certified as in compliance with the International Safety Standard IEC 60335-2-76.
Professionally designed and installed electric fences are not lethal to humans.
If humans come in contact with the electric fence intentionally or accidentally, it will not cause any danger to their life, but gives painful electric shocks while in contact with the fence. In normal circumstances, the human impulse reaction will trigger to pull away from the fence after the first shock. Even a strong persistent person cannot handle shocks for more than few seconds and usually gives up .
Our security solutions engineers are well trained to design and install electric fence solutions that are compliance with International Safety Standard IEC 60335-2-76.
Our electric fence installations are NOT lethal to humans.

International Safety Standard - IEC 60335-2-76

The fundamentals of International Safety Standard for installing electric fence are:
  • Technical specifications and functions of the Energizer must comply with IEC 60335-2-76 standard and certified.
  • Necessary precautions must be implemented to prevent children accidentally come into contact with the electric fence.
  • IEC 60335-2-76 standard recommends that the electric fence should be installed 1.5m above the ground level to avoid children accidently comes in contact with the electric fence.
  • Electric fence installed below 1.5m from the ground level must also have a barrier to prevent accidental contact by the public.
  • “WARNING” sign boards must be displayed, every 10m along the electric fence.

Electric fence installations that are harmful to humans...
There are many brands of low quality energizers are available in the market, which are NOT certified by IEC 60335-2-76 and often cannot be certified due to bad engineering design and poor quality of workmanship. The watch dog mechanisms built into these energizers are often not stable and the pulses are neither regulated nor monitored. Such energizers deliver random pulses that are unpredictable and dangerous. Installations using such energizers can kill humans.
Providing an effective and safe electrical fence solution is a highly skilled engineering task, which has to be handled by trained professionals. There are many ruthless profits only minded contractors claiming to be the electric fence suppliers, often rip off unsuspecting customers and supply low quality and/or uncertified energizers and very poor standard and dangerous installations. Such electrical fences are not safe for humans and not effective in providing security and often considered as illegal electric fence.