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Electric Fence - Freelance Marketing/Promoter Opportunity

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Intelligent Electric Fence security solutions are gradually gaining market share as the ultimate security protection choice for homes and businesses. Be part of this exciting revolution in the security industry.
We are currently offering freelance marketing/promoter opportunity to suitable individuals and businesses.
Electric fence is the latest security protection solution that is rapidly gaining market share; and yet to be discovered by many more potential customers. Currently most of the potential customers are not aware of the existence of such technology and its benefits. Due to lack of product knowledge, most potential customers either assumed or fed with wrong facts about electric fence safety, advantages and costs. Our objective is to increase the product awareness and adoption; hence we are expanding our marketing/promotion team to promote this technology and expand our customer base.
We are offering this opportunity on freelance basis to individuals with ambition to succeed to promote our security solutions. This is also an ideal opportunity to businesses involved in related activities such as CCTV, Alarm system, Architecture or Construction/Renovation and etc etc.
This is an ideal opportunity for individuals who are already in employment to make a 2nd income by marketing and promoting on spare times or for someone wanted to venture into marketing and promotion in full time basis.
  • You do not need to make any investment.
  • Your earning capacity purely based on your ability to perform.
  • You only need to invest your spare time to learn about Intelligent electric fence solutions and its benefits and promote to residential and business customers.
  • We will provide you with guidance, knowledge base and support to successfully promote our products and generate business leads to us. We will work with you and close the deals.
  • Upon closing the deal with your client, you will be rewarded with a pre agreed percentage of the total project value or fixed amount as commission for your efforts in closing the deal.
Companies that are in related business lines can expand their portfolio of services by promoting our security solutions to clients/customers and expand the revenue streams.
Are you interested in this great opportunity?
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