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Electric Fence - Configurations


Electric fence components are highly flexible, hence can be configured into building blocks to suit any type of security protection requirements
Few of the commonly used configurations:

Wall Top Electric Fence

Brick or Stone wall.
Wall top electric fence
Electric fence on top of brick or stone wall
Wall with grilles
Wall top electric fence
Electric fence on top of wall with grilles
Metal fence
Wall top electric fence
Electric fence on top of metal fence

Wall top electric fences are installed on top of a wall or metal fence with minimum height of 1.5m or more. This configuration is most suitable for areas where general public, especially children roam around. The 1.5m height wall or metal fence from ground level up is a safety barrier to prevent anyone from accidentally coming in contact with the electric fence mounted on top of the wall or fence. Even though the electric fence is not lethal, the international safety standard IEC60335-2-76 recommends that the electric fence should not be easily reachable and can cause accidental discomforts.
Full Height Electric Fence
full height electric fence
Full height electric fence
Full height electric fences are installed from ground level up. The height of the electric fence varies depending on the purpose and level of security required. This configuration is usually installed from ground level instead of constructing a brick wall or metal fence. Electric Fence is much more secure than a passive wall/fence of any kind. This configuration is very suitable for high security areas where public are not allowed in the vicinity.

Gate Electric Fence

Electric fence can be attached to gates of any shapes and sizes. The attached electric fence is designed to move with the gate as it opens and closes. Special safety gate connector devices are used to isolate and automatically disarm and arm the gate electrical fence upon opening and closing the gate.

Swing Gate
Electric fence on gate
Electric fence on top of swing gate
Sliding Gate
Electric fence on gate
Electric fence on top of sliding gate
Wall Top Electric Fence - Brackets
Wall top electric fence brackets
Wall top electric fence brackets
Generally three different types of brackets are used for wall top electric fences.
1) Edge mounted wall top. 2) Top mounted wall top. 3) Edge mounted slanted wall top.
Our design engineer chooses the most appropriate type bracket depending on the structure and strength of the wall.
Electric fence height from wall top:
  • Level of security required determines the height of the electric fence required.
  • Recommended fence height for standard installation is 100cm; with 10 lines of fence wire.
  • Recommended maximum gap between each line of fence wire is 10cm.
  • Minimum height for electric fence to be effective without compromising security is 80cm, with 8 lines of fence wires. The 80cm is the minimum height recommended to restrict an average height person to put leg over from outter side of the wall to inner side without touching the fence wires (the person may use a ladder to climb up to wall top and try to put leg over the fence).
  • Higher fence makes it impossible to put leg over the fence without touching the wires; hence provides higher level of security.
Bracket structure:
  • Standard brackets are made of steel square hollow tubes (2.5cm x 2.5cm) and hot dip galvanized to prevent rusting.
  • The galvanizing also gives a light grey finish to esthetically blend in with most backgrounds.
  • Brackets can also be painted with any color to suit special requirements.
Bracket installation:
  • Brackets are bolted to brick or concrete structure walls.
  • Brackets are either welded or bolted to metal structure fences, depending on the structure of the fence.