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Electric Fence - Advantages


Peace of mind...
  • Always active and dependable
  • Detect intrusion attempts
  • Send SMS alerts
  • Deny intrusion - Electric shocks
  • Deter intruders
  • Delay intrusions
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Effective and Safe
An intelligent electric fence provides many advantages over a passive brick wall or metal fences. Few of the significant advantages are:
  • Active and protect for 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • Provide an advanced level of detection and alerting capability that detects intrusion attempts effectively. As soon as an intrusion attempt detected, the energizer activate the alarm siren and send SMS alert to residents, property owners, security personnel and Security Company monitoring the site.
  • Provide a physical barrier that delay the intrusion time, thus giving more time to respond to the alarm siren / SMS alert raised on detection.
  • Provides a painful electric shock to deter the intruders.
  • Acts as a psychological barrier to deter intrusion attempts.
  • Easy installation on existing wall or fence, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence.
  • The electric wires can also serve as a perimeter fence, avoiding the need to erect another conventional fence.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Low maintenance costs. (Electric fence only consumes electricity equivalent to a 40W light bulb)
  • Since the electric fence monitors the entire perimeter of a property, no need for security guards to patrol the perimeters on larger properties, hence cost of security guards can be reduced significantly.
  • Maintains full operation using built in backup battery, while mains power cut or power failure.
  • Electric fences are very safe and not lethal to humans. The energizer and the engineering aspects of design and installation of the electric fence are regulated by the international electrical safety standard IEC60335-2-76.
  • Provides peace of mind