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Professional, Efficient, Quality, Safety, Service
Security and safety is our Passion. Providing effective security solutions that are of high quality and absolutely safe is our Mission.
We implement Electric Fence Security Solutions.
We are a Malaysian based professional security solutions provider; specialized in implementing Intelligent Electric Fence Security solutions. We also have branch offices in Asia to service respective regions.
We constantly upgrade our domain knowledge, learn from our experiences, upgrade and strengthen our products and services and aim to maintain the reputation as a serious security solutions provider in Malaysia and Asia.
We have proudly adopted the term "Intelligent Fence" as the brand name for our electric fence solutions.
The advanced intelligent monitoring, detection and alerting features built into our electric fence solutions makes it an intelligent, powerful and effective security protection solution and stands out from the rest.
We utilize the most effective and the safest electric fence technologies available in the market today.
We package our robust and effective security solutions utilizing our in-depth understanding of the security domain as well as our expertise in application of technology to solve practical problems.
Our solutions are not only very effective but also absolutely safe and comply with the International Safety Standard IEC 60335-2-76.
Malaysian government authority "Suruhanjaya Tenaga" (The Energy Commission) enforces each and every electric fence installation in Malaysia is audited for compliance with IEC 60335-2-76 and certified by the authority. Uncertified electric fences are considered illegal.
We are authorized dealer of our principal electric fence technology manufacturer and electric fence solution provider.
Our principal has many years of expertise in manufacturing electric fence technologies and implementing electric fence solutions all around the world, including the countries with highest crime rates in the world, such as Mexico, South America and South Africa etc. Our technologies and security expertise are developed, tried, tested and perfected to protect from the most advanced criminals of today.
Our security solution consultants and engineers are fully supported by our principal.
We leverage the "field expertise" of our principal to design and implement electric fence solutions that are robust, technologically advanced and many steps ahead of criminal minds of today.
We practice a very professional approach to implement security solutions.
Every aspects of our electric fence installation are quality controlled to make sure our solutions are not only robust and effective but also esthetically blend in and pleasing to the eyes. We give considerable attention to quality from start to finish.
We follow the processes enforced by Suruhanjaya Tenaga every step of the way. For each and every installation, we prepare and submit necessary engineering drawings and documents to the authority for auditing and obtain certification before activating the electric fence.

Our approach for successful project completion:
1) Site evaluation
Our security solutions consultant visits the site to get a first hand evaluation of the site and talk to the owner of the site to understand the concerns and expectations of the solution. The consultant also takes photographs and the measurements of the site for further analysis.
2) Security solution options
After a careful and thorough analysis of the site, the consultant works with our engineers to arrive at possible solution options and project cost for each option for the site. The consultant prepares a detailed proposal and submits to the site owner. If necessary, the consultant meets with the site owner to explain the options and further improve the options until one which exactly meet the requirements of the site owner.
3) Project initiation
Once an option is chosen and accepted, a project manager is assigned to take over the execution of the project. An engineer is also assigned to the project to prepare detailed design documents, fabrication designs, and installation plans.
For Malaysia only:
The project team prepares and submit necessary engineering drawings and documents of the proposed electric fence solution to Suruhanjaya Tenaga and obtain approval for installation.
4) Site preparation
Site preparation is the process of making sure the existing perimeter structures of the site is upgraded to acceptable standard to accommodate the security solution installation. The project manager plans and executes the site preparation instructions as documented in the proposal document.
5) Solution installation
The project manager plans and executes every aspect of the solution installation and makes sure the quality assurance checks are conducted on every steps of the way to completion. After the installation completed, our solution auditor visits the site to audit solution and makes sure it is implemented as per the engineering design documents as well as the quality assurance checks are completed.
For Malaysia only:
The project team prepare and submit necessary engineering drawings, documents with electrical characteristics of the fence and photos of the installation to Suruhanjaya Tenaga and obtain final certification to activate the electric fence.
6) Site handover.
Once the completed field tests are satisfactory, the solutions consultant and a installation technician visits the site and meet with the site owner to give a tour of the solution and train the site owner and/or persons appointed as the operators to operate the controls of the solution. The installation technician helps the operators to configure any personalized settings and set operator passwords for the controls. Engineering documents, user manuals, warranty certificates and maintenance agreement are handed over to the owner.
For Malaysia only:
Suruhanjaya Tenaga certificate and relevant documents are handed over to the owner.
7) Service and maintenance.
Our solutions include warranty; we will repair or replace any manufacturing or installation faults for free of charge during the warranty period. We provide quarterly service for the first year (optionally included in the solution proposal) and we will enter into service agreement with the owner for subsequent years. We will attend to your maintenance requests within maximum of 36 hours from the request.