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Enjoy your life without fear and worry while Intelligent Electric Fence protects your property and family…

Install Intelligent Electric Fence for ultimate security protection and for your peace of mind…
Intelligent Electric Fence is the latest generation of security protection system that is proven to be the most EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE and COST EFFECTIVE security protection.
Our security solutions are fully approved by the government and comply with international safety standards (IEC 60335-2-76).
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Five Star Security Protection

Star Deterrence: Distinctive and noticeable electric fence structure and fear of getting electrocuted discourages criminals from trying to gain entry into the property
Star Detect: Detection mechanisms built into electric fence system detects any intrusion attempts and alerts promptly for action to be taken
Star Deny: If anyone comes in contact with the electric fence, it delivers a painful electric shock and resists entry into the property
Star Delay: Physical structure of the electric fence and painful electric shocks delays any intrusion attempts and gives time to respond to the intrusion
Star Dependable: Electric fence is always active and protects 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, non-stop
Intelligent Fence - The advanced intelligent monitoring, detection and alerting features built into our electric fence solutions makes it an intelligent, powerful and effective security protection solution and stands out as the best.
Facts and Concerns...
  • Crimes such as burglary, robbery and vandalism are increasing every day.
  • Burglaries involving violent attacks on occupants are increasing in an alarming rate.
  • Most alarm systems sound after the intruder has already entered the property, leaving residents very little time to seek safety and protection.
  • Alarm systems or CCTV are no longer effective. Burglars in today's world are criminally sophisticated; knows how to bypass or disarm intruder alarm systems within few minutes and cover their faces to avoid CCTV video capture.

The most effective security solution...

Electric Fence Our Intelligent Fence security solutions have a solid track record for security protection capabilities and reliability. Our technologies and solutions are developed, tried, tested, perfected and widely used in many countries with high crime rates and violent criminals.